Our Ministries

Adminsitrative Ministry

Parish Council

The Council is a consultive body composed of the pastor, members of the parish staff, and members of the parish, which promotes pastoral action through reflection and planning. The job of the Parish Council is to deal with the mission of the church, long range and short range goals and objectives, and to design those procedures by which the pastoral work of the Church is to be accomplished

Finance Committee

The Committee prepares and monitors budget and financial planning for the parish.

Building and Maintenance Committee

Parish Organizations Ministry

Altar Society

The Society is responsible for the upkeep and care of the altar, vestments, and linens, utilizing teams that clean the church on a weekly basis and schedules church decorating teams.

Bereavement Committee

The Committee provides support to the families and individuals at the time of death according to the needs of the families at that time, such as food, visitation, cards, etc.

Knights of Columbus Council No. 1998

Religious Education Ministry

Religious Education Board

The Committee meets on a regular basis to set goals, priorities and policies for the total parish religious education program.

Religious Education Programs for the Young

Liturgical Ministry

Liturgy Committee

The role of the Committee is to work together with clergy and faithful to enhance the worship life of the parish. This ministry functions as coordinator of liturgical ministries and plans special celebrations which include church decorations, art, and environment, etc.

Ministers of the Eucharist

The ministers serve our Church by administering the Eucharist during celebrations of the liturgy and/or by taking communion to those who are sick, in the hospital, or in nursing homes.

Ministry of Lector/Commentator

Prayer Ministry

Charismatic Prayer Group

A prayer and faith-sharing group who meets the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month in the St. Joseph Center.

Prayer Line

A group of parishioners dedicated to praying for people who have special needs or are in a crisis situation.

Perpetual Adoration Chapel

This program ensures the continuous (24 hours/day) adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in our adoration chapel. Participants are encouraged to commit to be present in the chapel at least one hour each week.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry is a vibrant ministry that spans Junior High through High School students in our parish. Our Youth director frequently posts important information about this ministry on the Youth Ministry Blog. For more information about this ministry or to get involved, please click here.