Remembering Our Past ... Building Our Future

A Message from Monsignor Robert H. Berggreen...............

Our beloved church building is in great need of repair, with the most urgent need being a new roof (as the current roof has served us well since 1952).  The Building and Grounds Committee has been working diligently with an architect to determine how we can most efficiently and effectively repair our beloved church.  The roof over the two sacristies has extensive damage caused by water and termites, resulting in the need to replace the roof decking and rafters.  This is most evident when you look at the damage to the plaster over the two side altars.  Repairs are also needed on the steeple and the bell tower, and a new gutter system will need to be installed to better divert and drain water from the roof.

The exterior of the church will, also, have to be waterproofed since, unfortunately, in the 1950's, the exterior was sandblasted to remove mildew, etc. and it took the protective finish off of the brickwork.  Waterproofing has been done in the past, but is only guaranteed for a certain number of years.  Interior repairs and renovation will then be addressed once the exterior work has been completed.

Our challenge now is to finance this much needed project.  The estimated project costs are:

  • Replace Roofs at North Sacristies and Bell Tower
  • Replace Roof at Body of Church
  • Clean and Waterproof Church Masonry
  • Plaster Repairs at North Sacristies
  • Additional Roofing Flashing
  • Further Plan Development
  • Construction Development

$   559,000
$   234,000
$   100,000
$     80,000
$     40,000
$   200,000
$   250,000

                            TOTAL ESTIMATED COST


Everyone is asked to prayerfully consider how their generosity can reflect their gratitude for the gifts that God has given them.  As you consider your pledge, please note:

  • Payments may be made over a period of four (4) years.  A longer period can be arranged, if necessary.
  • Pledge payments are in addition to your regular weekly offertory contribution.  Your pledge payments to this campaign will be used for the specific parish needs outlined above.
  • Payment reminders and a special payment envelope will be mailed to you in accordance with the payment plan you choose.
  • Pledge payments are fully deductible for tax purposes.
  • Please make checks payable to St. Mary Capital Campaign.
  • Contributions can be made through Online Giving (link on this website).



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Online Giving

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